Our Process – Waste Gasification / Thermal Oxidation

Waste Gasification / Thermal Oxidation (WG/TO) system is an environmentally safe process for the destruction of solid waste. This is achieved as a two-stage process.

The first stage is called the Primary. In this stage, waste is loaded directly into the primary cells without need for pre-processing or sorting of any kind. When the cell is full, the load doors are closed and the process started.

A supplemental fuel burner is used to heat the primary cell to a temperature of about 450°F. At this time, the burner can be shut off and the temperature is controlled by opening or closing an air-inlet valve, typically maintaining temperatures between 700 and 1,000°F.

The primary operates as a sub-stochiometric process, maintaining oxygen levels in the primary at a point that is too low for open combustion. This environment promotes the conversion of the solids into a gas. This gas is a low-Btu mixture primarily made up of carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.

The gas from the primary is vented into a secondary chamber, commonly called the Secondary. Here, the gas passes through a specially designed air ring that brings the oxygen levels back up to a point that makes the gases combustible. This gas is then ignited by the secondary burners. The gas burns to complete combustion, eliminating all of the CO and volatile organic compounds. The resulting temperature is typically in the range of 1,600 to 2,000°F.

The resulting hot air from the secondary will then be vented through a waste heat boiler to produce steam. In addition to all EPA and FDA regulations, Scorpex has further refined this process to include additional scrubbers, far exceeding Local and Federal Government acceptable air quality levels.

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Scorpex has taken all the necessary steps to own and operate a full service waste disposal and recycling company, capable of storing and disposing all types of waste, including those classified as industrial, toxic, and hazardous. Scorpex’s goal is to be in full operational capacity by the first quarter of 2012.

Ensenada, Mexico will be the home of the first Scorpex plant. It is strategically positioned to accommodate the vast region of Baja California and Mexico.

Scorpex has methodically implemented the plan of constructing a state of the art waste facility in Ensenada Mexico, by retaining expert waste engineering consultants.

Scorpex has established a harmonious relationship with all government agencies, ensuring the facility meets all regulatory protocol and guidelines in Mexico.